Solar wearables

By Don Undeen, Idun Isdrake, lee wilkins

Building on solarpunk narratives and diverse, inclusive, embodied communication technologies, the project aims to test a wearable ecosystem for cyborg bodies. This cyborg wear is designed with planetary accountability in mind, inspired by SciFi costumes like the Dune Stillsuit. 

Our research question concerns the human connection with different aspects of the sun and energy, and keeping one’s tech system on one’s body, not taking up other resources and space. As we all become compost (Haraway) we think about what the electronic parts of our bodies leave behind as the organic are dissolved. 

The gear we build is designed to allow non verbal communication, and expression of emotion, without too much external devices or cables. The project includes building a prototype to test the technology and to work with audio-based feedback.

The project is hosted by the Solar Media Collective, with funding through the Milieux Institute at Concordia University.